We are an approved 3rd Party Tester for the State of Colorado. Our testers are very experienced and have administered tens of thousands of tests. We have worked with the state by their request to help other schools obtain their initial testing license.

No appointments! Tests are done on a walk-in first-come, first-served basis Monday through Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM. It can get busy in the late afternoon, so we recommend being here by early afternoon, especially on Mondays, Fridays, and the business day before or after DMV holidays. Permit tests must be started by 3:00PM at the latest.

Permit tests are $25 for up to 2 attempts on the same day. Driving tests are $50 each attempt if you have a regular permit or $60 if you have a restricted permit. All tests must be paid in cash at the time of the test. We have an ATM and change available. Provided that you pass your test, you will need to go to the Colorado Driver’s License Office to obtain your permit or license (there is one next door to our office).


Permit Tests


The permit test is a 25 question multiple-choice test. You can miss up to 5 questions and still pass. If you do not pass you can take it one additional time that day. If you miss 13 or more you must retest on a different day. You must show a photo ID to take a test at a 3rd party tester.


License Tests


The driving test measures your skill in legal and safe driving practices. You will be graded on the following; lane use, signaling, stopping, braking, acceleration, speed control, space maintenance, and general driving behaviors. The test consists of several graded maneuvers including turns, lane changes, through intersections, stops, and entering and exiting traffic. You will not be tricked or asked to do anything illegal or unsafe. For more details on the state driving test, please reference the Colorado State Driver’s Handbook, which is available at the DMV.

You must have a Colorado permit in hand to take the driving test and have fulfilled all requirements to get your license.

We will gladly test people who have special needs, are deaf, or do not speak English. Anyone who does not understand English must bring a translator with them to translate both before and after the test.

Unless otherwise required by law, all drive tests are completed using our company cars. They are incredibly easy to drive 5-star safety rated Hyundai Sonatas that are equipped with a second brake and mirror for the tester. This policy is for the safety of both the applicant and the tester. Interlock and hand control tests must be done in a vehicle provided by the applicant, which must meet the standards listed below.

If there is snow on side streets, please call us before you come in to test. The state does not change standards for weather and if you “slip, slide, or spin” you are considered to not be in control of the vehicle and it results in an unsuccessful test. Depending upon conditions, we may not be testing or may have limited testing hours. If we are testing in adverse conditions, we may allow or require testing in personal vehicles, which must meet the standards listed below. If the CSPD is on accident alert and/or Colorado Springs School District 11 has called a snow day, it is a good idea to call us before coming in for a test.

If you are testing on a Restricted Instruction Permit, you must provide a vehicle with an ignition interlock installed that meets the following requirements:

  • Current valid registration and insurance cards
  • Driver and passenger brake lights and all turn signals work
  • Driver and passenger doors open from the inside and outside of the vehicle
  • Front and back license plates are attached on the outside of the vehicle
  • Driver and passenger windows roll up and down
  • Driver and passenger seatbelts function safely and correctly
  • No cracks in the windshield that obstruct the driver’s or passenger’s view
  • All required mirrors are present and usable
  • Tires have adequate traction for current road conditions
  • Be otherwise safe as determined by the tester during the pre-test safety check

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